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About the work

As a humanistic psychotherapist and counsellor I believe that we are all able to live fulfilled lives, where we can connect with the full spectrum of feelings, understand our thoughts and behavious, and have healthy relationships. 


Experiences that have happened to us, or sometimes to our parents, society or culture as a whole, can disrupt our ability to feel, think, be and relate.  Talking about problems that we know we have or allowing space for them to emerge is one way of being able to feel alive again, finding the flow of your life rather than crashing about in our own storm or get dragged into others with a sense of being out of control.

I believe there is real value in connecting as humans, being listened to and allowed to have the space to fully feel, think and listen to our body, or to learn what your emotions, thoughts and behaviours are and how to be with them. 


Working holistically means we also focus on the body and how to listen to it.  This could be how to notice our instinctual reactions be that fight, flight, freeze or fawn responses to life situations.  Also how social, cultural or political issues impact on you and how you can work with them. 


We can work together on a weekly basis, for a 50 minute session, to unearth the core of what you are experiencing and find a way to have more flexibility in life. 

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