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The purpose of therapy is

to work holistically on issues you face in life

Why therapy?

I believe healthy relationships with ourselves and others are at the core of being human.  Thus, it is important that in therapy we work relationally.   What one person does or says influences the other and vice-versa, without these dynamics our lives become static, life is taste-less, grey, confusing and dysfunctional.  Stuck.  Sometimes we unconsciously push things away, this shutting down of feelings can create this state of being stuck. 


When working on and through struggles we have in life with another human we can reach satisfaction, fulfilment and have a sense of being alive.  We can become free of stuckness and feel flexibility.  Be able to see the choices we have in life.  In therapy you can open up and feel all the colours in the rainbow of feelings.


About me


I am a qualified UK Council of Psychotherapy registered humanistic psychotherapist working in person and online in Bristol.  I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and registered with the Information Commissioners Office to ensure my practice is GDPR compliant.    


 Sitting with another's feelings and listening fully with what a person is experiencing can help shift feeling stuck.  I believe it is fundamental that we experience whatever feelings we have and that we do not distract or rescue ourselves or others from this raw human experience.  

I have seven years experience as a therapist working with clients with a wide variety of issues.  I also worked with young people at OTR in Bristol as a counsellor and project support worker.  I have worked extensively with LGBTQ+ clients during my career, as well as heterosexual and cisgender clients.  Previous to this I worked at MCPS in London with clients from a variety of backgrounds and issues.

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